The Rear View: Jeep Backside License Plate Mounts

I recently saw a bumper sticker on a Jeep that I absolutely loved… It said, quite simply:  “Don’t Follow Me. You Won’t Make It.”  Yep, that about sums it up…  Because Jeep life is about leading the way.  On the streets, on the trail, and in life.
So as much as we enjoy the iconic front end of our legendary Jeeps, it’s time to consider the view of all those followers trying to keep up...the view from the rear.
So how can you ensure that you do this? One of the overlooked accessories you can get for your Jeep is the backside license plate mounts, and there are two we want to pay close attention to today.


Backside License Plate Mount with LED

The backside license plate mount with LED for your JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited comes with a black textured finish that resembles the OE door handles and side mirrors. Which makes it the perfect addition to your Jeep. 
Each set that we provide is inspected for finish, fit and function and it comes complete with everything that you need to install it. All Kentrol parts, products and accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty. 
This particular backside license plate mount with LED is specific to 2010-2018 JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited models and is priced at $94.99. You can order this online. The great benefit of this is the LED light temperature and the plate highlighted in white light. Which is excellent for driving in dark areas.  


Backside License Plate Mount
This backside license plate mount for your JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited comes also with a black textured finish that also resembles your OE door handles and side mirrors. Each set that we supply is always inspected for the fit, finished, and function and it comes complete with all that is needed for installation. 
All Kentrol products come with a limited lifetime warranty. This particular backside license plate is specific for 2007-2009 JK Wrangler, Rubicon, and Unlimited. 
Both backside license plate mounts come with everything that is needed to ensure that your Jeep is roadworthy and legal. There are full instructions on YouTube with details on how to install your backside license plate mount and you will even find plastic plugs that will fill open holes in the tailgate. This again helps to ensure that you keep your Jeep looking good. 
When it comes to taking care of your Jeep and armoring it up to last, we want to ensure that you have access to the best possible parts that can help support you with your endeavor. As a business that takes pride in what we do, this is where we want to ensure that you receive the quality and the finish you have grown to love and expect when it comes to your Jeep.


So why do owners love their Jeeps?
There is no denying that the obsession that people have with the ownership of their Jeeps is something that is not going away anytime soon. Even as the SUV has been developed into an array of vehicle designs that have their own niche in the market, the Jeep Wrangler (and other models) have remained true to their roots.  And this is one of the main reasons why owners love their Jeeps. 
So what is it about Jeeps that has captured the imagination of millions over the decades? Why do people continue to invest and upgrade their models, or even keep their current Jeeps for as long as possible? This has much to do with the longevity of the manufacturer, the quality that people have grown to expect and love from the product and also the fact that you can rely on companies like us, Kentrol, to provide you with quality parts and accessories to help you stay on the road and armour up your Jeep. 
And this is because the main principal and history of the Jeep dates back to wartime. It provides that reassurance that they are built to last, and can withstand any terrain, weather or situation that is thrown at it. Kentrol parts and accessories enables you to build on your Jeep and also keep your older Jeeps on the road for longer. 


Kentrol - Who we are and how we can help
Since 1980, Kentrol has manufactured and distributed some of the toughest and most relatable parts and accessories for Jeeps. Making it one of the best places for Jeep enthusiasts to add to their current models and Jeeps. The accessories that we supply are manufactured with the highest quality of stainless steel, either polished stainless or black powder coated stainless, with marine-grade stainless steel hardware. 
Kentrol accessories are built by Jeep enthusiasts for jeep enthusiasts which means we know exactly what our customers are looking for and what they need. We bring together years of
experience with manufacturing know-how to build accessories that are thicker and stronger than what you may expect from factory originals. 
Many of our products are made slightly oversized to cover exposed paint seams. Helping your Jeep to look the part as well as stay road legal. Our accessories are tough and durable, ready to take on all elements that you may expose your rugged Jeeps to. We want to ensure that our customers surround themselves with quality and to ensure that the fit and finish provides easy installation that anyone can do. With unique instructions and videos online, you can’t go wrong. 


In conclusion 
When it comes to wanting top quality with the accessories that you may want to add to your Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited models, you can’t go wrong with the broad range of accessories that we have on the Kentrol website. YouTube videos with instructions are available  to help you add to your vehicle.  Our products are built to last with a limited lifetime warranty.  You can feel assured in what you are investing in.
Both of our backside license plate mounts come complete with everything that you need to keep your Jeep roadworthy and legal, while protecting the license plate from the elements that you may subject your Jeep to. 
Our accessories are super-tough and are designed to keep your Jeep trail-ready and looking brilliant for years to come. You can rely on what you are buying, what you are investing in, and keep your Jeep in tip top condition. For more information on these products or what else we supply then check out our website for more information.    And remember...keep on leading the way.

Ease of Use - The Art of Kentrol

If you’ve been a part of, or at least heard about, Kentrol, you know that longevity is their mission.  They’ve revolutionized the Jeep aftermarket scene with their aftermarket parts, trivializing passion and restoration projects alike.  But one of the major selling points of a Jeep is the ability to experience ‘True’ freedom.  Only achievable by removing your doors and top.  I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but for a moment let’s think about how you can achieve this.  Door hinges, door pins, bolts and nuts.  The older your body gets, the harder it is to move your body.  So let me tell you about Kentrol’s Fountain of Youth.

Door Hinges and Their Pins


The most mobile parts of your Jeep will always be the first to go south.  In the aftermarket scene, this usually means any sort of hinge or contact point.  But what if these points were ageless?  One of Kentrol’s most popular parts is their Door Hinge Liners.  There are many attributing factors, but know that constantly opening and closing a door is quick to wear down paint and protective coats.  That’s where we thought to replace metal with durable rust free plastic.  Delrin to be exact, which means low friction and resistance.


Rust tends to grow south, following gravity.  It should be no surprise, though.  Take a look at a rusting license plate and you see that it bleeds its disease into the tailgate.  However, remove the contact points and your door will most likely look brand new for years to come!  That’s where the liners come in.


As your door opens and closes, it wears down the metal inside the hinge.  Mother Nature takes its toll, and before you know it your door is seized and your friends are laughing at you.  But I get it.  Your Jeep is new and life is good.  But taking a little time now to prevent it, will save you tears, time, and money in the future.


Our Door Liners are spec’d out according to factory CAD data (3D designs), meaning they were designed to fit from conception.  And if that wasn’t enough, following Kentrol’s mantra, we hand inspect every product from the line with actual Jeep hinges to ensure that what you get, is what we intended.


We make them for every Wrangler model, including your new 2020 Gladiator!  It’s worthwhile to preserve its new-Jeep smell early on.  That way you can enjoy it longer, with less frustration!




Kentrol has ordered our 2018 JL Wrangler Unlimited!

Kentrol has ordered our 2018 JL Wrangler Unlimited to begin developing new products and offer great solutions for this new and innovative Jeep. 

Here is our new Jeeps features:

2018 JL Wrangler Unlimited Sport S

Billet Silver Metallic Clear Coat

3.6L V6 24V VVT Engine

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Uconnect 4 With 7” Display

Alpine Premium Audio System

Total Sticker price is $39,180

The new JL Wrangler has 75 active and passive safety features including blind spot monitoring, rear cross path detection, and a rear-view backup camera. The rear of the vehicle also features a lightweight magnesium swing gate for easy cargo loading. Bigger windows offer better visibility, which comes in handy both on and off the road. For the interior, everything is designed for intuitive use. From the new steering wheel to the redesigned center console, the fourth-gen Wrangler has definitely received some much-needed tech updates. In modern society, connectivity is more important than ever, especially when off-roading. The JL Wrangler will be compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, sporting fourth-generation UConnect technology that has a faster startup time, enhanced processing power, and a high-resolution touchscreen, available as a 7-inch or 8.4-inch screen.  JL Wrangler incorporates the history of the Jeep brand with new and improved technology that makes the well-loved Wrangler better than ever.

A Pickup Version Is Coming, But Not Until Late 2019. It’s important to be sure that production is going smoothly for the regular Wrangler before Jeep's Toledo, Ohio factory starts building a second body style.

Everyone's been waiting for this Jeep for a long time, and we can't wait to get behind the wheel. It sounds like it'll be a big improvement over the old JK.

Kentrol Anti-Theft Door Nuts

As we all know, the doors on Jeep's are very easy to remove. The thieves know this too! Replacement doors could cost up to $3,000 each. If you own a Jeep your removable doors could be stolen in less than two minutes. Our product will deter anyone from trying to remove your doors. 

Kentrol is proud to announce the release of our Anti-Theft Door Nuts. We got tired of looking at our scratched and corroding OEM door nuts, and running with no nuts at all is just asking for trouble. Kentrol Anti-Theft Door Nuts fill two needs with one deed, thwarting would-be thieves, and replacing those rusty nuts with smooth stainless steel. Each set is inspected for fit, finish, and function. All Kentrol products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Will only work with OE door hinges.  

30711                      TJ Anti-Theft Nuts                              $31.99

30712                      JK Anti-Theft Nuts - 4 Door              $57.99

30713                      JK Anti-Theft Nuts - 2 Door              $31.99

Check out our Installation video.

SEMA 2017 was a success!

The annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is technically an automotive trade event but has evolved into a no-holds-barred display of tuning and customization genius. There are always hundreds of lifted trucks, slammed imports, and engine-swapped muscle cars. Yet there's far more to the show than that—the parties, the celebrities, the high-octane demos, the excess of it all.


Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) of the automobile aftermarket was formed in 1963. The first SEMA Show was held in 1967 in the basement of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, before moving to the new Anaheim Stadium in 1974. 

In 1998, the SEMA Show broke the 500,000-foot mark with 502,912 net square feet of rented space. Each year since then, the Show has set new records of some sort. It now occupies more than one million net square feet, draws more than 3,000 media, and has a buyer attendance in excess of 60,000.

If you are looking for one location to experience anything and everything that can be done to car, truck, jeep or anything with wheels, SEMA is the place for you!  Sensory overload has to be the only way to explain the vast amount of space at the Las Vegas Convention Center that puts on the second largest show in Vegas behind the annual electronics show in January!


The 2017 SEMA Show brought with it many “firsts” for the Kentrol Team. It was the first time we shared a booth with our sister company, Fishbone Offroad. It was the first time we had a vehicle on display in our booth, and it was the first time we used our new video wall, made up of nine large TVs.

To say our setup was eye-catching would be an understatement. Not only did we have a 10’ x 6’ screen displaying products and event footage, we also had a one-of-a-kind Jeep JK-8 Police Interceptor build, complete with lights and sirens, sitting in our booth. Needless to say, we were busy!


The Jeep JK-8 Police Interceptor was built by our friends at Code3IT, an IT and system integration company based in Mojave, California. Being experts in vehicle upfitting, the guys at Code3IT had no problem installing a long list of bolt-on bumpers, armor, and stainless-steel accessories from Kentrol, Fishbone Offroad, and many other manufacturers. The Jeep’s unique combination of tech, off-road capability and attractive design set the stage for a great show where we were able to connect with many new and existing customers.

For the second year in a row, Kentrol made their presence known in the New Products Display. This year we showed off our brand-new Backside Tailgate License Plate Mount with LEDs for the 2007 to 2009 Jeep Wrangler JK.

Since the first SEMA Show debuted in 1967, the annual event has served as the leading venue bringing together manufacturers and buyers within the automotive specialty equipment industry. Products featured at the SEMA Show include those that enhance the styling, functionality, comfort, convenience and safety of cars and trucks. We were lucky to experience what it's like to attend the craziest show on the automotive calendar and that was awesome! Till next year…

Kentrol Windshield Wiper Arms

The windshield wiper arms are responsible for keeping your windshield clear and maintaining your road visibility. If you can’t see the road properly because your wipers aren’t working well, schedule an inspection.


What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Windshield Wiper Arm?

  • Wiper blades streak
  • Wipers chatter when going back and forth
  • One or both wiper blades don’t move when turned on
  • Wiper blade doesn’t touch the window when swiping
  • Your windshield looks worse after the blades have passed over
  • The wiper blades chatter and skip as they glide across the windshield. This is caused by a curving of the blades


When the time comes for new blades, remember to replace them in pairs. If one is worn out, its mate can't be far behind. While replacing the windshield wipers, make sure you inspect your wiper arms to ensure that they are in good working order. If the wiper arm spring has lost its tension then it won’t hold your new blades onto the windshield. The perfect solution is Kentrol Windshield Wiper Arms for the JK, CJ, YJ and TJ. 


The Windshield Wiper Arms are a great replacement for the factory windshield wiper arms that deteriorate and fail. Our windshield wiper arm for your Jeep comes in a high gloss black powder coated finish. Each set is inspected for fit, finish, and function.  It comes complete with all hardware needed for installation. All Kentrol products come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

40th Anniversary 4WD Jeep Jamboree!

One of the Leading providers of aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories, 4WD, was holding its 40th Anniversary Jeep Jamboree in Columbiana, Ohio last weekend.

Admission to the event was free!  There were plenty of activities for jeepers including trail rides and an obstacle course, over 80 onsite vendors, a Show-n-Shine and lots of 4x4 aftermarket product giveaways. Obstacles included concrete culvert pipe, boulders, telephone poles and holes dug by bulldozers. And, of course, there was water and mud hazards. Anything a true, wild, open air Jeep driver could possibly encounter had been included in the obstacle course.


The weather for this year’s event was also a nice treat with temperatures in the upper 80’s and 90’s and sunny all weekend led to a record turnout of Jeepers on both Saturday and Sunday!  If you have never been to this event it is definitely one you don’t want to miss with every type and style of Jeep product that you can get your hands on!  And the best part is being able to walk right into the 4WD showroom and warehouse that is stocked with everything under the sun so you can buy all of your Kentrol products right there and take it home with you!  


Overall it was a great Jeeping time! 4WD Jamboree has become well known for putting on an awesome, Well Organized and Fun Filled event, and this one was no different! Looking forward to the next year! 

PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show 2017 - it was an awesome Jeeping time!

If you’re a true Jeep lover, the PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show is the show for you! Since the first show in 1995, it has become one of the longest running and largest Jeep shows around!


PA Jeeps was established in July of 1992 by a small group of friends. Now the club has over 115 members, and continues to grow. PA Jeeps is a club full of true Jeep enthusiasts, many of which stopped by our booth and thanked us for coming to support the show. The PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show offers a variety of family-oriented activities, from an on-site Obstacle Course and Show-N-Shine to Vendor Displays and Games.


Kentrol set up as a vendor at the show and shared booth space with Fishbone Offroad. Fishbone is a great industry partner to Kentrol, and we share a Jeep to showcase products during the show. The show was very busy! We spoke to a lot of customers about the features and benefits of Kentrol products and how they can improve the look and enjoyment of their Jeep. One of our nightly activities included getting together with the Quadratec Team. We challenged them to a game of Cornhole after learning on social media that they practiced the previous night. We won game 1, and Quadratec won game 2 before we called it a night. Team Green was lucky that we hadn’t established a 3-game series, as we would have left York, PA with the championship. We later learned that our loss came from the owner of the cornhole boards, which is a challengeable offense in the official rules.


As usual great food was being served up, the swap meet was buzzing with activity, and many drivers and their Jeeps were testing their abilities in the obstacle course area.

It was an awesome Jeeping time!


Kentrol at The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2017!

The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival has become one of the premier Jeep events in the country and is certainly one of the largest in the East. It’s known as the Birthplace of the Jeep and this event brings thousands of Jeepers out to celebrate the heritage of their Jeep.

It takes place at the Cooper’s Lake Campground, a few miles northwest of Butler, near the intersection of Interstate 79 and State Route 422. Cooper’s Lake Campground is a great venue. They had 135 vendors offering everything from vintage used parts to the newest and most trick aftermarket stuff, the Jeep History Exhibit, a big show ’n’ shine field, and plenty of good food.


We attended the 2017 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival again this year. Overall, we had a great weekend with really good weather. We saw thousands of customers and had an opportunity to showcase all of our new products to them. The weekend goes quickly because there is always a Jeep enthusiast standing in the booth that’s curious about Kentrol products. 

For an event, Bantam offers the customer a lot. The Event kicks off Friday with an obstacle course, offsite trails, historic Jeep tours and a Jeep invasion on Friday night in downtown Butler PA. Saturday and Sunday offer tons of activities for the customer to participate in. One thing that we specifically enjoy is the WWII encampment. There are vintage Jeeps with tents setup just like they would have been during WWII with fully dressed participants, tents and support vehicles. It’s like going back in time. 

The mission of the Friends of the Bantam Jeep Association Inc. is to educate the public about the history of the Bantam jeep’s creation in Butler, Pennsylvania through the annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival and to support charitable endeavors, including through contributions to other 501(c)(3) organizations.

There's something very fitting about a Jeep event in Butler, Pennsylvania. After all, it’s where the Jeep began. 

2018 JL Wrangler Interior Images!

We are excited to show you the first look at the production interior of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

Like previous Wranglers, it seems from these photos that the all-new 2018 model will have a shallow, largely vertical dashboard. This kind of design goes back to the flat metal dash of the earliest military and civilian Jeeps, and helps maintain a minimalist air in what is, admittedly, becoming a more and more luxurious 4x4.

You can see the large central infotainment screen, likely Fiat-Chrysler's UConnect system that handles navigation, music and heated seats, and displays information on vehicle settings and climate control.

Below the infotainment screen is a new grouping of buttons for the audio controls, HVAC and powertrain. Three knobs control the audio volume, infotainment screen actions and HVAC, which are joined by buttons for the traction control, heated steering wheel, front axle disconnect, auto-start stop and parking sensors, among more. The roof includes integrated garage door opener buttons, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and a manual release lever for the folding roof.

Among the most important portion of the interior spy photo involves the control buttons along the bottom of the center console. The series of buttons reveal several important options that could make their way into production.

And to top it off, a stick shift is seen in this prototype, so there is a good chance that consumers will still be able to bring home a manual transmission. Powertrain options are expected to include a 3.6-liter V6, a 3.0-liter diesel and a small turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Overall, it appears to be a more pleasant place to spend time while you’re doing extreme off-roading. There’s no reason the modern Wrangler can’t be tough and still nicer inside than the last one.

Do you spot any interesting details from these photos?