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Door Hinge Liners

Door Hinge Liners

When reinstalling your doors in the early days of fall, sometimes you need to replace parts of your hinges. Perhaps, you just know you want a long-lasting upgrade to ensure it won't be an issue. We at Kentrol are here to help you with our array of door hinge liners, available for the JK, JL, and JT.

Our replacement door hinge liners are made from a unique type of plastic called Black Delrin, or otherwise known as acetal. Acetal is considered an "engineering" plastic due to it's resistance to being distorted/it's strength. This material is low in friction and stiff, making parts made out of it durable and easy to install. Overall, this makes it a heated competitor to metal parts in a variety of scenarios, namely in automotive products.


Are you interested in reading more? See our door hinge liners (and a lot more!) at www.kentrolinc.com