Open and Shut Case - Upgrade Your Jeep with Kentrol's Stainless Steel Hinges

Open and Shut Case - Upgrade Your Jeep with Kentrol's Stainless Steel Hinges

We all know that Jeep’s engineering team is among the best in the world. You don’t build one of the most innovative, iconic, and long-running 4x4s on the planet without employing some of the brightest minds in the business. That’s not to say that our favorite off-roaders don’t have some weak spots - components that might need a little upgrade. One example is the door hinges on JK Wranglers. They’re subject to wear, sagging, and oxidation, but the good news is Kentrol’s stainless steel hinge replacements solve the problem permanently.

What’s the Deal with Wrangler Door Hinges?

JK-era Wranglers have been on the road since 2007 and many of them have lived hard or adventurous lives. Also, depending on what area of the country you live in, they can also be subjected to harsh climate conditions and road salts. Rust and corrosion can become a real headache, especially for the door hinges.

If you haunt any of the JK forums or Facebook groups, you know this is a well-documented issue. Rust can appear not only in the hinge mechanism itself, but also on the fasteners and behind where the hinges attach to both the doors and the body. The paint easily chips off the star-head bolts that hold the hinges in place. Of course, any time rust gets its claws into your Jeep, it can spread, leading to more problems.


In addition, door hinges are some of the most used and abused parts on your JK. Getting in and out of the vehicle every day, slamming the doors, and even the process of removing and reinstalling the doors for al fresco travel in the summer all contribute to wear and tear. The result is sagging and loose hinges and misaligned doors that are difficult to close, even possibly leading to damage on the catch and lock mechanisms.

Kentrol Stainless Steel Hinges to the Rescue

Thankfully, the hinges on the JK Wrangler were designed from the factory for fast replacement. By just removing a handful of bolts with some helping hands, swapping out your old, crusty hinges with a quality stainless steel set from Kentrol is easy. Our hinges are made from T-304 stainless steel and feature Delrin composite inserts for the hinge pins to guarantee smooth, worry-free operation for years to come.


Our door hinges for your JK come in a variety of finishes - from ready-to-paint versions to match your Jeep’s body color, to a black textured finish that resembles your OE door handles and side mirrors, and even polished stainless for a really eye-catching look. With sets available for two- and four-door Wranglers, as well as tailgate and lift gate hinge replacements and overlays, you can refresh your Jeep from tip to tail, for surprisingly affordable prices. Each set is inspected for fit, finish, and function before it leaves the Kentrol factory and they come complete with all the stainless steel hardware you need for installation as well as step-by-step illustrated instructions.

We also have a highly experienced customer service team at our Ohio headquarters ready to assist with your door hinge project, and a vast video library available on our YouTube channel to guide you through every step. All Kentrol products come with a limited lifetime warranty. We set the industry standard more than 30 years ago by manufacturing high-quality stainless-steel accessories for your Jeep.

How Do I Install Kentrol Stainless Steel Door Hinges?

Because Jeep engineered the Wrangler’s door hinges with external hardware, installing a new set of Kentrol Stainless Steel door hinges is a snap. You can do it all by yourself, but having a helper can make things go even smoother.

Assemble your Kentrol hinges

The first step is to account for all the correct parts in your Kentrol hinge kit and assemble your new hinges. Using your old hinges as a guide, slide the two parts of the Kentrol hinge together with the nylon washer in between. Secure the two halves with the included nut and washer finger-tight for the time being.

Support the door

Next, you need to make sure when you remove the OE hinges that the door is supported from below with a floor jack, or a set of jack stands, preferably cushioned with a block of wood or even a towel or blanket. This will reduce stress on the remaining hinge and the sheet metal.

Mark the original position of the top hinge

To facilitate door realignment at the end of the installation process, use a pencil or dry-erase marker to trace around the hinge hinge on the body side.

Remove the top hinge door side fasteners

Using a sharp blade, carefully cut away the paint sealing the hinge body and the hinge fasteners on the outside of your door. Then, using a 50mm Torx bit, remove the two fasteners from the door side of the hinge. You might need a breaker bar or some gentle persuasion with a hammer on the end of an extension to get these Torx bolts to break free.

Remove the top hinge body side bolts

Next, using a 13mm socket, remove the bolts from the body side of the hinge, and remove the old hinge.

Thoroughly clean, or prime and paint your bodywork

Jeep painted JKs after their hinges were installed, so you’ll find bare metal behind the original hinge. It’s likely you’ll also find some rust lurking there as well. We recommend at a minimum treating that rust with a chemical rust converter or rust converting paint. If you’re particular like we are, we like to sand away any rust, and then prime and paint the bare metal area and allow the paint to fully dry before installing the new hinges.

Install the new stainless steel Kentrol hinge

Using clear silicone sealant, apply a thin bead to the body side of the new hinge and lightly bolt in place using the line you drew earlier as a guide. Apply a similar amount of silicon sealant to the door side of the Kentrol hinge, and attach it to the door using the supplied hardware. The outer hinge half is secured with 5mm allen head bolts. Fully tighten all bolts and fasteners, and wipe away excess sealant.

Adjust the door

Make sure all your fasteners are fully tightened before removing your jack or jack stands, and try opening and closing the door gently. It may need a little bit of adjustment, which you can do by slightly loosening the fasteners on the hinges to move the door in the correct direction to engage the catch in its center.

Repeat the process for the lower hinge

That’s it! You’ve successfully upgraded your JK Jeep with Kentrol’s stainless steel door hinge kit. No more rusty hinges or sagging doors on your favorite four wheel drive. Case closed!

How Do Kentrol Door Hinges Hold Up?

"We’ve been building door hinges for decades, and thousands of Jeeps have benefited from our rugged stainless steel hinge upgrades. But don’t take our word for it - our customers tell the best story." - Jeremy O., Five Stars

"Installation was easier than expected. It only took me about an hour to replace both parts of both hinges on both of the doors. After adjusting the hinges the doors closed easier than they did before with the factory hinges that only had 1/4 of the paint left." - Jordan J., Five Stars

"Great Product. Bought both body and door hinges. Installation was smooth and easy. Quality was just what I was looking for. I recommend these to anyone looking." - Earl from Pittsburgh, Five Stars

"I bought these to replace the rusty hinges on my 2000 TJ. Removing the factory hinges was harder than installing the new ones. Glad they're stainless - so I won't have to deal with that again. I've had them on for over a year through a Pennsylvania winter with no problems." - Jennine P, Five Stars


Find out for yourself how well our door hinge kits perform by ordering a set today. It’s easy right here on the Kentrol website - just choose your year Jeep and pick the kit that fits your model. Reach out with any questions or comments, and we’ll see you on the trails.