We Love Going Topless

We Love Going Topless

For our money, there’s no better feeling on a warm summer day than getting topless and taking a trip to the beach, our favorite camping spot, or just around town. We love feeling the heat from the sun and letting the breeze blow through our hair…

What? We meant taking the top off our Jeep. What did you think we meant?

There’s an indescribable feeling of freedom when you’re cruising down the street with nothing but a blue sky above you. At the very least, it’s worth it for all the looks of envy coming from the other drivers. But if you only have a hardtop, you may never know this unbridled joy.

Before you buy, take a look through these options to see which summertime top is best for you.

Soft tops:

There are two types of soft tops that you can consider, and each has its own unique advantages. The full-frame soft tops are probably the most familiar with the rectangular back, but there’s also a frameless soft top. The difference is that the frameless soft top uses your Jeep’s rolls bars to support the top’s fabric rather than a metal bow system.

Four-door Wranglers will end up losing some headroom with the frameless soft top, but it’s not as noticeable on two-door models. The frameless soft top will not be able to fold all the way back, as the full-frame soft top does.

Both are 100% waterproof and can be removed in minutes. However, if you don’t want to be hindered by side and back windows, you can always try the…

Bikini tops:

Also referred to as summer tops and safari tops, this type of Wrangler top practically comes in the mail with samples of laundry detergent. They are a Jeep standard and are the closest thing to driving topless while keeping your noggin from getting all toasty.

All you need is a windshield channel to attach the top to the windshield area of the Jeep. Use the straps to attach the rest of the top to your roll bars. They are available in mesh or solid fabrics and will cover either the front two seats or the entire overhead area.

Clearly, the bikini top isn’t waterproof. Consider that before playing in the mud. But, if this type of top just isn’t scanty enough…

Shade tops:

This mesh top attaches to your Wrangler’s roll bars with Spiderballs – bungee and ball cords that are fed through the grommet holes on top. If you don’t have windshield channels, this is the option for you, as they aren’t needed to affix the top to your Jeep.

The shade top provides adequate overhead protection while cutting down on wind noise. It can be used with other soft, hard, and bikini tops, so this is a great accessory to have on-hand. 

Whatever your summertime top option, make sure you invest in some proper cleaning and protectant products, as well as storage devices. Otherwise, you could find yourself replacing your soft top more often than you’d like.

Happy trails!