Ease of Use - The Art of Kentrol

Ease of Use - The Art of Kentrol

If you’ve been a part of, or at least heard about, Kentrol, you know that longevity is their mission.  They’ve revolutionized the Jeep aftermarket scene with their aftermarket parts, trivializing passion and restoration projects alike.  But one of the major selling points of a Jeep is the ability to experience ‘True’ freedom.  Only achievable by removing your doors and top.  I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but for a moment let’s think about how you can achieve this.  Door hinges, door pins, bolts and nuts.  The older your body gets, the harder it is to move your body.  So let me tell you about Kentrol’s Fountain of Youth.

Door Hinges and Their Pins


The most mobile parts of your Jeep will always be the first to go south.  In the aftermarket scene, this usually means any sort of hinge or contact point.  But what if these points were ageless?  One of Kentrol’s most popular parts is their Door Hinge Liners.  There are many attributing factors, but know that constantly opening and closing a door is quick to wear down paint and protective coats.  That’s where we thought to replace metal with durable rust free plastic.  Delrin to be exact, which means low friction and resistance.

Rust tends to grow south, following gravity.  It should be no surprise, though.  Take a look at a rusting license plate and you see that it bleeds its disease into the tailgate.  However, remove the contact points and your door will most likely look brand new for years to come!  That’s where the liners come in.

As your door opens and closes, it wears down the metal inside the hinge.  Mother Nature takes its toll, and before you know it your door is seized and your friends are laughing at you.  But I get it.  Your Jeep is new and life is good.  But taking a little time now to prevent it, will save you tears, time, and money in the future.

Our Door Liners are spec’d out according to factory CAD data (3D designs), meaning they were designed to fit from conception.  And if that wasn’t enough, following Kentrol’s mantra, we hand inspect every product from the line with actual Jeep hinges to ensure that what you get, is what we intended.


We make them for every Wrangler model, including your new 2020 Gladiator!  It’s worthwhile to preserve its new-Jeep smell early on.  That way you can enjoy it longer, with less frustration!