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Kentrol TJ/LJ Tailgate Hinges

Kentrol TJ/LJ Tailgate Hinges

Kentrol has the fix for your TJ/LJ tailgate hinge nightmares.  These come in both Polished Stainless and Powder Coated Stainless (Part#30478/50478)


These hinges are made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel which is a solid upgrade from the factory, and comes with stainless steel hardware.  With Kentrol's hinges, you do not retain the factory plastic overlay that traps salt and debris inside the hinge (a factory paint defect is visible when the plastic overlay is removes).  Installation is as simple as removing your four factory bolts that hold each hinge to the vehicle.  Remove your upper hinge then replace with the Kentrol hinge and supplies hardware.  Repeat this step on the lower (do one hinge at a time).  Check to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly and you are good to go.


Kentrol hand inspects each hinge to ensure quality and fitment will never be an issue.  This is all backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Kentrol's 30+ years of designing Jeep products shows in the quality of these stainless hinges.  So if you are sick of tugging on the tailgate with all the power you can harness, or sick of looking at rust, get yourself a set of these Kentrol Stainless Steel Tailgate Hinges. -Jay Smalz, 2022