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Front and Rear Bumpers

Front and Rear Bumpers

Why should you replace your bumpers? There's a few reasons that come to mind. For one, maybe you just need an upgrade. Alternatively, maybe you want to shake things up visually. Why not both?

Kentrol's methodology when it comes to our bumpers is that most people see your bumper before anything else. Because of that, we know how important it is for your bumper to make an impact. With our bumpers being made of 304 stainless steel, not only do you get that visual impact, but as a wonderful bonus, you get a weather-resistant part that will last you a lifetime.

With options available for the CJ, YJ, and TJ, why not take a look at our website? Check us out at www.kentrolinc.com, where you can not only see our stunning bumpers, but find stainless steel products to suit your needs.