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Body Door Hinge Sets

Body Door Hinge Sets

Why do people buy new door hinges for their Jeeps? As it turns out, there's certainly a couple of reasons. Perhaps your old hinges have paint that has worn off, or maybe when you were removing or reinstalling your doors, one of your hinges was damaged? Things like these happen all the time.

At Kentrol, we have a potential solution to either of those issues. Our hinges for your Jeep are made of stainless steel, to last you a long time off the beaten path. Are you looking for that chrome look? There are polished hinges to suit your needs. Would you prefer something more subtle? We have black powder coated versions too. Do you just want hinges you can paint yourself? In that respect, we also have sand-blasted hinges, ready to be hit with your favorite color.



Do you want to learn more? We have options for a variety of models, including the JK, TJ, YJ, and the CJ 8/7/5! Check out our site at www.kentrolinc.com for more information.