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Upgrading Components of your Hood

Upgrading Components of your Hood

When you are driving your Jeep daily, are you looking to show off your excellent taste? Kentrol has the perfect way for you to do just that.

Whether you have some of our other stainless steel parts, or are just looking to accent your Jeep with some chrome, our hood kits are a great place for you to get started. With our parts being made of 304 stainless steel, not only do you get that ridiculously cool polish, but also, you get the added bonus of having weather-resistant parts that will last you a lifetime.

 These kits are available for the CJ and YJ, but we do have a selection of hood pieces available for other models of Jeeps.


Are you interested in learning more, or even just to see what else we have to offer? Take a look at www.kentrolinc.com, where we have a myriad of polished pieces available to satiate your interest in keeping your Jeep at it's peak.