The Rear View: Jeep Backside License Plate Mounts

The Rear View: Jeep Backside License Plate Mounts

I recently saw a bumper sticker on a Jeep that I absolutely loved… It said, quite simply:  “Don’t Follow Me. You Won’t Make It.”  Yep, that about sums it up…  Because Jeep life is about leading the way.  On the streets, on the trail, and in life.
So as much as we enjoy the iconic front end of our legendary Jeeps, it’s time to consider the view of all those followers trying to keep up...the view from the rear.
So how can you ensure that you do this? One of the overlooked accessories you can get for your Jeep is the backside license plate mounts, and there are two we want to pay close attention to today.


Backside License Plate Mount with LED

The backside license plate mount with LED for your JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited comes with a black textured finish that resembles the OE door handles and side mirrors. Which makes it the perfect addition to your Jeep. 
Each set that we provide is inspected for finish, fit and function and it comes complete with everything that you need to install it. All Kentrol parts, products and accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty. 
This particular backside license plate mount with LED is specific to 2010-2018 JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited models and is priced at $94.99. You can order this online. The great benefit of this is the LED light temperature and the plate highlighted in white light. Which is excellent for driving in dark areas.  


Backside License Plate Mount
This backside license plate mount for your JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited comes also with a black textured finish that also resembles your OE door handles and side mirrors. Each set that we supply is always inspected for the fit, finished, and function and it comes complete with all that is needed for installation. 
All Kentrol products come with a limited lifetime warranty. This particular backside license plate is specific for 2007-2009 JK Wrangler, Rubicon, and Unlimited. 
Both backside license plate mounts come with everything that is needed to ensure that your Jeep is roadworthy and legal. There are full instructions on YouTube with details on how to install your backside license plate mount and you will even find plastic plugs that will fill open holes in the tailgate. This again helps to ensure that you keep your Jeep looking good. 
When it comes to taking care of your Jeep and armoring it up to last, we want to ensure that you have access to the best possible parts that can help support you with your endeavor. As a business that takes pride in what we do, this is where we want to ensure that you receive the quality and the finish you have grown to love and expect when it comes to your Jeep.


So why do owners love their Jeeps?
There is no denying that the obsession that people have with the ownership of their Jeeps is something that is not going away anytime soon. Even as the SUV has been developed into an array of vehicle designs that have their own niche in the market, the Jeep Wrangler (and other models) have remained true to their roots.  And this is one of the main reasons why owners love their Jeeps. 
So what is it about Jeeps that has captured the imagination of millions over the decades? Why do people continue to invest and upgrade their models, or even keep their current Jeeps for as long as possible? This has much to do with the longevity of the manufacturer, the quality that people have grown to expect and love from the product and also the fact that you can rely on companies like us, Kentrol, to provide you with quality parts and accessories to help you stay on the road and armour up your Jeep. 
And this is because the main principal and history of the Jeep dates back to wartime. It provides that reassurance that they are built to last, and can withstand any terrain, weather or situation that is thrown at it. Kentrol parts and accessories enables you to build on your Jeep and also keep your older Jeeps on the road for longer. 


Kentrol - Who we are and how we can help
Since 1980, Kentrol has manufactured and distributed some of the toughest and most relatable parts and accessories for Jeeps. Making it one of the best places for Jeep enthusiasts to add to their current models and Jeeps. The accessories that we supply are manufactured with the highest quality of stainless steel, either polished stainless or black powder coated stainless, with marine-grade stainless steel hardware. 
Kentrol accessories are built by Jeep enthusiasts for jeep enthusiasts which means we know exactly what our customers are looking for and what they need. We bring together years of
experience with manufacturing know-how to build accessories that are thicker and stronger than what you may expect from factory originals. 
Many of our products are made slightly oversized to cover exposed paint seams. Helping your Jeep to look the part as well as stay road legal. Our accessories are tough and durable, ready to take on all elements that you may expose your rugged Jeeps to. We want to ensure that our customers surround themselves with quality and to ensure that the fit and finish provides easy installation that anyone can do. With unique instructions and videos online, you can’t go wrong. 


In conclusion 
When it comes to wanting top quality with the accessories that you may want to add to your Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited models, you can’t go wrong with the broad range of accessories that we have on the Kentrol website. YouTube videos with instructions are available  to help you add to your vehicle.  Our products are built to last with a limited lifetime warranty.  You can feel assured in what you are investing in.
Both of our backside license plate mounts come complete with everything that you need to keep your Jeep roadworthy and legal, while protecting the license plate from the elements that you may subject your Jeep to. 
Our accessories are super-tough and are designed to keep your Jeep trail-ready and looking brilliant for years to come. You can rely on what you are buying, what you are investing in, and keep your Jeep in tip top condition. For more information on these products or what else we supply then check out our website for more information.    And remember...keep on leading the way.