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Tailgate Hinges

Tailgate Hinges

Considering replacing the hinge on your Jeep's tailgate? Maybe you are just looking for an upgrade. Either way, Kentrol has you covered. With all of our parts being made of stainless steel, and a variety of part coatings (or lack thereof) available to you, you simply cannot go wrong.

A car with damaged or malfunctioning tailgate hinges risks compromising the integrity of the tub of the vehicle. By replacing your parts with Kentrol stainless steel hinges, not only do you have a weather-resistant part to look forward to, but additionally, less sound! Stainless steel, compared to regular steel, has what is called an "ionized" layer that prevents squeaking. This layer is also responsible for stainless steel's protection from rust.


We have tailgate hinges for your CJ7, CJ8, YJ, TJ, or JK. Interested in learning more? Check out our site (www.kentrolinc.com) for more info!